Sunday, 11 November 2012

40 .. is this the beginning?

Ha... dah bersarang blog ni. Jenuh menyapu, mop bagai. Orang berblog, dia pun nak jugak. Akhirnya terbiar bersawang. An-nyways, I'm back to share my latest experiments (mostly).

Nice? Confirm buat hasil kerja tangan I. Belum sampai seru nak mencuba seni baking lagi walau dah lanjut usia. Bukan apa, I memang fail bab baking! Silalah tepuk tangan, sebab indeed, kenyataan macam bangga je.. Cakap pasal lanjut usia, the cake is or rather was choc moist with choc ganache. A gift from a dear friend for my recent birthday. Nice? Not only nice, it's great. Everyone of us love it.

Friday, 17 August 2012

Sotong Kangkung

I was a bit under the weather since yesterday. Demam Raya lah agaknya ye? I thought of utilising the day off I got yesterday to continue packing, malangnya tak larat. So, still a long way to go. Maklumlah, gerabak panjang... I definitely hate packing and unpacking. Sigh!

The festive mood is heightened these days, with Raya approaching in just a couple of days. We planned for iftar out with my parents. Malangnya the restaurant we wanted to go had started their Raya holidays. So, with the sellers at Pasar Ramadhan receding, there's no other choice but to go for home cooked meal. Just to share with you this is what I prepared among other dishes that my mum cooked - Sotong Kangkung.

Sempat gak snap..
Kangkung dan sotong dicelur and below is the recipe for the gravy, I'm actually repeating it from my previous entry Yong Tau Foo Lana Style

Kuah Yong Tau Foo
10 tangkai cili kering
Gula melaka (Can use gula merah if you dont have gula melaka)
Bijan goreng
Gula (kalau kurang manis)
1 sudu kecil garam
3 cm belacan
300 ml air
1 sudu besar minyak (minyak bijan) - lagi wangi kuah ni nanti.
1 1/2 s.b tepung jagung dibancuh dgn 50 ml air
1 sudu besar otak udang (this one not from original recipe)  

1. Masukkan minyak dalam kuali. Goreng cili kering sehingga garing dengan api yang kecil.
2. Setelah garing, angkat dan blend cili kering dgn sedikit air.
3. Panaskan air bersama gula melaka. Masukkan cili yang telah dikisar tadi, otak udang dan juga belacan.
4. Setelah mendidih, masukkan bancuhan tepung jagung untuk memekatkan kuah.
5. Masukkan garam dan gula (jika gula melaka kurang manis).
6. Masukkan bijan goreng dan siap untuk dihidangkan. 

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Senyap pulak..

Sibuklah tiba-tiba dengan kerja, plus Ramadhan lagi, lame excuse eh? Ok, yawn already.
Tapi serious, kedekut betul dengan masa these days. Buat segalanya macam rushing je. Tiba je 9.30pm, dah flat out. Cari bantal je. Silap-silap kids taknak tidur, mommy masuk bilik dulu. Bapak dia ikut ke tak, itu cerita lain eh? Bangun balik at 4.00am for sahur. Apsal awal sangat? So kids can rest or tidur balik while bibik kemas rumah. Plus, they can sleep longer, kalau tak payah nak kejut. Nanti habis satu taman bangun dek suara lunakku, diaorang sedap je berdengkur.

Rasanya my lack of sleep sekarang telah memburukkan lagi keadaan my dark circle yang dah sememangnya wujud since forever. Now, what do we do, what do we do? Raya dah nak dekat ni. Kulit kusam tak bermaya, mata dah macam panda, kalau cute macam panda okeylah jugak. Now that I lost sooo many kilos, dah macam mayat hidup pun ada rasanya. Tidak, bukanlah pasal Ramadhan that I lost so much weight. It started since March and for those who know me, memang tahu yang ini tidak bagus. But for now, the concern is more on the skin. Lepas Raya nanti kita try makan banyak-banyak balik kan? Kena rajin atur rumah terbukalah lepas ni kan? Rumah siapalah yang akan dibuka tu agaknya eh?

So, what to do? Current product yang I guna tak mungkin dapat membantu sebab dah suntuk ni. Kulit kering, kusam, dark circles.. scary eh? Tak yahlah bayangkan. Nak letak gambar pun segan. I stopped Cocoa Collagen Power Plus since the beginning of Ramadhan. It is proven good for me physically. Adalah perubahan yang dirasakan. I started taking since earlier this year. Kenapa stop? Sebab tak pergi beli. 

However, not much changes for my skin. I read about Shaklee's Collagen Powder and reading the testimonials had gotten me all excited . Knowing that it's a good brand, I terus called the distributor and she delivered. Tapi sabar, I baru start semalam je, jadi no testimonial from me yet ye? Tungguuu...

Read about Shaklee Collagen Powder here.

But you're welcome to share your feedback or other products that you think are better.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Didnt I tell ya ?

Bila cakap tak dengar, sekali dah kena, rasalah sendiri, kan? Kan Abang, kan?

Apa kes? Inilah kesnya. This morning I received a call from his warden. This is the first time I received his call. So, I was a bit panicky and straight away asked him, what's wrong? Malas nak cerita panjang, rupanya he called to let me know that they're cutting the boy's hair. How nice. Biasanya warden ni redah je and I dont quite mind. Siap dengan courtesy to call tu.

Dah tu, Mommy punya cakap tak nak dengar, kan? Rasalah ambik. Kejap lagi kita tengok eh, apa jadi dengan his hair. Jangan kena shave sampai botak sudahlah..

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Memang terbaek

Oliver Wendell Holmes said, "But friendship is the breathing rose, with sweets in every fold."

Indeed. Do you have the kind of friends that you dont have to be around them all the time to know or feel that you are  close? Or do you have someone who is dear to you but you dont necessarily have to be calling most of time? Well, text them or whatsapp or bbm once in a while, the sort. To say the least, close at heart but not so close in distance? 

Well, I dont exactly know where this is heading to, but I'm here telling you that I love my friends. Contohnya, see how sweet and thoughtful these two friends of mine were. They went back to JB last week and look what they brought back for us. Sweet? Thoughtful? So what's not to love, kan? All the trouble they went through, they flew back, tau! Selamba bearing these for us...

2 bottles of air kathira Abu Bakar. Memang kegilaan hubby during Ramadhan. They bought and froze these drinks and God knows how they managed to slip pass the customs. Tapi, local flight senang kot. Plus, they're properly packed. But hey, talk about blissfulness!!

Tapi gambar ni I pinjam, sebab we finished the first bottle, tak sempat snap pic while the 2nd bottle is resting cool and nice in the fridge.

And yes, this!! Pun I pinjam gambar orang lain. Tak sempat nak snap pic dah, terus ngap je bila tiba waktu berbuka. 
Nampak tak betapa tebal dan besarnya murtabak tu? Murtabak Kg Melayu Majidee ni. Sahih kenyang gila kalau bantai sorang-sorang. Kalau I lah.. 

See, how sweet my friends are? 

Monday, 6 August 2012

Here and there

Last Friday I took off early from work. We're supposed to have an iftar pot luck do with 3 other families. Girls from the school I went to, twenty plus years ago. I had planned to cook Nasi Daging so I took half day leave. That'd give me ample time to complete everything including prepping the kids. However, it was cancelled. N texted me at 2am telling that her grandma had passed away. Innalillah. We quickly cancelled and hoping to reschedule. 

Still, I carried on with my leave. My eldest is back from hostel and Saturday we have to send him back. Kedah sekolah hari Ahad. So, we figured it's the best day to shop for the kids Raya stuff. Not detailing what we bought or the damage that was done, but we definitely had fun except for Adly because we couldnt find him the right shoes. 

When it's almost time for iftar, we moved to Pearl View Hotel. See below happy faces, including Adly's. Bliss!

Ini budak sudah selesai makan her favourite popiah goreng. Not bad, for a small eater, she ate quote a lot that night. Aisya memang best!

The boys insist on me capturing what they took. Ini first round for Zickry. Right after  coming down from solat, he quickly emptied the plates. Seriously. And he had few other rounds after.

Isi kandungan pinggan Azhad on his first round. Nasi bukhari with bbq chicken, some salad (not quite seen), spicy fried chicken and yes, popiah. He too, made several rounds, going backwards from dessert, then cendul, ice-cream to mee goreng, to sup kambing. Boleh tahan seleranya!

Adly's plate. Simple, and yup, he ate just that but downed glasses and glasses of juice. He enjoyed the cendol, ice-cream and desserts too. That made him forget about the shoes he didnt get. Bukan apa, the salesgirl was too arrogant, so we walked off from the store. Mana tau, other stores didnt have the Adidas pair he so wanted! Luckily he found one he heart right after iftar! His happiness was indeed contagious!

See, Adly patiently waiting for the time. By this time, dah tak monyok sebab the shoes issue. Asyik tanya, dah boleh berbuka ke belum?

Okay, ini budak tak puasa. Obviously as she's munching happily.

Azhad ni tak sudah-sudah dengan poppadomnya.

Dua orang budak ceria. This is very hard to come by, trust me. These two are usually like anjing and kucing.

What I had for starter. Sup kambing and yong tau foo. The rest is history... as if!!

The happiness continued on Saturday. There were still items to be bought, therefore, we went out again. This time, we started off quite early. Mall bukak je terus serang. Senang, energy level still bagus and early morning tak ramai sangat orang. We went across the Penang Bridge this time. We got what we needed and wanted (almost!) and by twelve noon we're on our way home. 

So, kids were made happy yesterday. Now, it's mommy's turn. We started our Sunday early as it's a school day except for Aisya who skipped knowing that I had planned for another shopping trip. Yup, another trip. Okay, I dont this often, folks. 3 days in a row. But time is of the essence. Need to plan wisely. And what better day to go get my stuff without having the gerabak with me other than Sundays, kan? So, Aisya and me ditched the boys and off we went for our girlie outing . Fun! Double fun sebab I got almost what I wanted. Ngeee...

Friday, 3 August 2012

Asam Pedas Ayam

Puasa-puasa ni macam-macam nak makan, kan? This simple and tasty dish, kena dengan nasi panas... hmmm... 
Apa-apa pun, below recipe is my version. Gambar je dari web, I took sebab samalah rupa asam pedas saya macam ni.

  • 1/2 ekor ayam (di potong-potong)
  • 1 sudu besar asam jawa, di bancuh dgn 1/2 cawan air
  • segenggam daun kesum
  • 2 kuntum bunga kantan (dibelah 2)
  • 3 sudu besar cili kering (yg sudah dikisar)
  • minyak untuk menumis
  • 1 sudu gula
  • garam secukup rasa
  • 2 keping asam keping yang sederhana besar
  • 5 ulas bawang kecil
  • 2 cawan air
Bahan tumbuk
  • 1 inci kunyit hidup
  • 1 inci belacan
  • 1 inci halia
  • 5 ulas bawang putih
  • 1 labu bawang besar
  • 7-8 biji lada hitam
  • 2 biji buah keras
Cara Memasak :
  1. Hiris bawang kecil dan tumis hingga hampir garing. Tumis bahan yang telah dikisar. Campurkan sekali cili kering yg dikisar. Masukkan gula dan garam. Biarkan sehingga pecah minyak.
  2. Kemudian masukkan air dan juga campuran air asam jawa, asam keping dan biarkan mendidih.
  3. Masukkan ayam, daun kesum dan bunga kantan. Biarkan mendidih hingga kuah agak pekat. Boleh juga ditambah tomato, jika suka.